2016 BMW 520d SE Auto


2016 BMW 520d SE Auto

Superb car in amazing condition.

Covering just 38k miles this car is an absolute steal, costing nearly £40k new!

Comes with full service history and 12 months MOT

“The BMW 5 Series saloon is so capable, economical and enjoyable to drive that its excellent reputation is genuinely warranted.”

65.7mpg fuel economy, £30-a-year road tax and 0-62mph time of 7.9 seconds strike the balance between performance and running costs perfectly.

The 5 Series triumphs on the road. It’s relaxing, comfortable and quiet on the motorway, yet offers an involving experience on country lanes with accurate, feelsome steering and a suspension setup that insulates you well from potholes, without compromising overall handling.The automatic changes gear smoothly and at just the right moment.