BMW 730d SE


BMW 730d SE

Who doesn't love champagne living for lemonade money!

This awesome 7 series has everything you could ever wish for in a car and a bit more! This car was so good that Rolls Royce even base a lot of their models on this high end German beaut!

Covering just 106k miles this car is barely run in, 12 months MOT and full service history completes this cars stunning condition.

There's more to BMW's flagship saloon than meets the eye, however. This is a car that stays true to its maker's 'ultimate driving machine' ethos despite its size and role in life, and one that packs some of the most fuel efficient engines in the upper premium sector. Combine all with a cabin chock-full of buttons, gadgets and that controversial iDrive controller, and it's hardly surprising the car has remained a talking point long after its launch.

And while other cars in this class display more conservative faces, BMW should be applauded for sticking with its trend-bucking motor. Backing out was never an option considering that subsequent models received similar treatments. It took until 2005 before the German firm decided to soften the Seven's stern looks, but the fruits of BMW's labour goes further just than skin deep.

More powerful diesel and petrol engines highlight BMW's commitment to being the performance champion in this class, while detailed improvements to standard equipment levels and the way the car drives have helped to make the Seven appeal more to an even wider audience. Some things never change, though: the list of optional kit is still longer than your arm and the iDrive system still requires a substantial chunk of your grey matter.

Overall Rating 8 Overall rating

Value for money Rating 8 Value for money

Space and Practicality Rating 5 Costs

Space and Practicality Rating 7 Space and practicality

Controls and display Rating 6 Controls and display

Safety Rating 8Car safety